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Types of childcare services


Types of Childcare


There are a variety of options available when it comes to arranging childcare for your children. What suits you best depends on practical issues such as the hours that you work or study, where you live and the availability of places, as well as any personal preferences you may have for choosing a home or centre-based environment for your child. When choosing childcare it is important to take an honest look at what is best for your child’s personality and your parenting style.


In Fingal we have a large number of Childcare Providers. Childcare services may provide full time, part-time, sessional and school-age services. Fees charged are generally at the discretion of the childcare service. There are three categories of childcare providers, they are:


Private Childcare Providers:
Private Providers offer quality childcare services that are run as private businesses. These childcare services range from small businesses that are operated by sole traders to large childcare facilities that are operated by companies, some of which may have a number of different childcare facilities in different locations.


Community Childcare Providers:
Community Childcare Providers offer community based, not-for-profit childcare services. A Community Childcare Service is run by a voluntary Board of Management.


A Childminder is a self-employed person who minds other people’s children in their own home.


Childcare services provide to follow types of care:


Sessional: A sessional service refers to a programme for children for up to 3.5 hours per session.  Services may offer a morning and/or an afternoon session.


Part-Time Day Care: A part-time day care service refers to a programme for children over 3.5 hours and less than 5 hours per day.


Full Day Care: A full day service refers to programme of activities for children for more than 5 hours per day. A full day service may include sessional and part-time services and School-Age Childcare Services for children attending primary school.


School Age Childcare: School Age Childcare refers to centre-based services for school aged children from 4 years until their 15th birthday which operate during one or more of the following periods: before school - after school - during the school holidays. 


Childminders: Childminding services refers to care for children within a Childminders home. A Childminding service may include sessional and part-time services and School-Age Childcare services for children attending primary school.