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HInts and Tips for completing Fees Lists and Calendars

Hints and Tips for completing Fees Lists


Following an initial review of childcare services fees lists and calendars in the Fingal area, FCCC have identified a number of common issues/errors. It is essential for all childcare providers to read through the ‘How to Guide’ for each programme i.e. ECCE, CCS/CCSP and Rules for DCYA Funding Programmes when completing their fees lists and calendars (all attached above).


Common Issues/Errors


ECCE Fees List:  (How to Guide p.4&5)

-          We are asking childcare services not to print any fees lists, calendars or parent letters until they have been approved by FCCC

-          Not all childcare services have submitted their fees policies or calendars. As these have to be approved by FCCC we are asking services to submit these as soon as possible

-          A number of childcare services fees lists and calendars are in draft format. FCCC cannot review these until you submit them. They will be then placed in query; a staff member will review the fees list and calendar and will either approve them or hold it in query and email your service with changes

-          Please include the start and end times of each session listed in the session description i.e. ECCE Session 9am – 12 noon

-          For an ECCE Session Only in the ‘Fee Including ECCE’ it MUST read €0, as it is a free provision to parents and in the ‘Fee Excluding ECCE’ it MUST read N/A

-          For a Non ECCE Session state under ‘Description’ Non ECCE Session or any other session and this should be on a separate line from ECCE Sessions and in the ‘Fee Including ECCE’ it must read N/A and in the ‘Fee Excluding ECCE’ you must enter the fees that would be payable by a parent of a non ECCE child for the same hours

-          Although capitation has been increased, the ECCE deduction to parents remains at €64.50 for 5 days per week or pro rata for less than 5 days per week:


I Day


2 Days


3 Days


4 Days


5 Days



ECCE Deposits, Discounts and Optional Extras (How to Guide p.7&8):

-          If no deposits, discounts or optional extras are charged, you need to confirm this on the fees list i.e. you should have 3 entries on the list - We do not require a deposit, We do not offer discount and We do not offer optional extras

-          Deposits must not exceed the allocated number of week’s total payment i.e. 4 weeks for ECCE as per the DCYA Rules of the Programme

-          If you take deposits the amount must be specified. For ECCE the maximum deposit is 4 times the standard rate for other programmes it is 2 weeks of the appropriate capitation. It must state that the deposit will be repaid to the parent once child is approved on the PIP system

-          ECCE deposits must not be held until the child leaves or carried forward to next programme year. They MUST be refunded to parents once the child is approved on PIP

-          If your service is charging optional extras they must be itemised individually with an amount per item. Providers cannot just put in Optional Extras and an amount. It must be clear that parents can opt in or out of all or any Optional Extras provided by your service. Please see link below to the DCYA ‘Optional Extras’ Guide

ECCE Calendars (How to Guide p.9)

-          A calendar is required for each DCYA childcare programme that the service participates in i.e. ECCE, CCS, CCSP and TEC

-          The ‘Effective Date’ is generally the first date your service will reopen in August/September 2018

-          The service must mark all the days where the service is ‘closed’ on the calendar

-          A service has to be open 3 or more days for a week to be a payable week

-          A Bank Holiday would not be counted as the service choosing to close that day, so if the week has a bank holiday in it, and they close 2 further days, then this would still be a payable week

-          If it has a bank holiday, and a service closes for 3 days or more, then this would be non-payable

-          Services must provide a minimum number of weeks for each term:


ECCE Terms


Weeks in period

Required payment weeks for Service Providers

Closed Weeks

Term 1

27/08/2018 – 28/12/2018

18 weeks

16 weeks

2 weeks

Term 2

31/12/2018 – 29/03/2019

13 weeks

11 weeks

2 weeks

Term 3

01/04/2019 – 28/06/2019

13 weeks

11 weeks

2 weeks



44 weeks

38 weeks

6 weeks


-      Service providers are allowed to deviate from the required payment weeks per term as outlined above by plus or minus 1 week per term provided that the excess/shortfall is adjusted by the end of the third term. As per the programme rules set out by DCYA if a calendar is submitted and the number of payment weeks is outside the tolerance set out above, the Childcare Provider will be contacted by Pobal to amend their Service Calendar and resubmit it within a given timeframe. If the Service Calendar is not amended and resubmitted within the given timeframe, payments may be put on hold