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Quality Regulatory Framework Briefing Sessions

02 November 2018

Re: Early Years Inspectorate Briefings 2018

A Chara,

I am delighted to take this opportunity to invite you to a series of Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF) Inspectorate briefings throughout November and December.

As you know the Early Years Inspectorate’s QRF was launched in Dublin in September. The QRF document clearly presents the scope of how the Inspectorate will assess services for compliance with the 2016 Regulations, which in turn will promote the quality and safety of services provided to children. Each service has been provided with a copy of the QRF. If you have not received a copy, please contact the inspectorate for a copy. The QRF is also available to download on our website at:

Throughout November and December, the Inspectorate will deliver a limited series of briefing sessions which you are invited to attend. If it is not possible for you to attend, you are welcome to send another representative from your service, where appropriate. These briefing sessions will focus on the QRF, as well as providing an update on the process for the re-registration of Early Years Services in 2019, and a summary of the Inspectorate’s annual report, which will be published shortly.

These briefings will begin at 6.30pm and end at 9.00pm in the following venues on the following dates:

 15th November 2018 - The Ardilaun Hotel, Tailors Hill, Galway

 19th November 2018 - The Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport, Stockhole Lane, Swords, Co. Dublin

 26th November 2018 - The Hodson Bay Hotel, Roscommon Road, Athlone

 29th November 2018 - The Newgrange Hotel, Bridge Street, Navan, Co. Meath

 4th December 2018 - The South Court Hotel, Raheen Roundabout, Raheen, Limerick

 4th December 2018 - The Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, Tivoli, Cork

 6th December 2018 - The Clayton Hotel, Sligo, Clarion Road, Ballinode, Sligo

 10th December 2018 - The Citywest Hotel, Naas Road, Saggart, Co. Dublin

If you wish to attend one of these briefings you can reserve a free place by visiting our Eventbrite booking page at: