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Training and Employment Childcare Programme (TEC)

TEC Programme to include CETS, ASCC , CEC (AS) and CEC (PS)

The TEC programme permanently closed for new registrations at midnight on Friday, 14th February 2020, following the commencement of the National Childcare Scheme. After this date, only TEC registrations with a status of 'Submitted', 'Provisional' or 'Approved' will be eligible to remain on the programme and will be referred to as 'Savers'. These Saver Registrations will continue to receive relevant funding for the remainder of the Programme Call.
No new entrants will be permitted to the scheme after 14th February, although providers will be required to adjust their days and/or session types for existing registrations to ensure compliance with scheme rules. These changes can only be made during 'Saver Management Windows'. Please refer to Transitional Rules for the DCYA Targeted Childcare Funding Programmes for more information.

In order to amend registrations during the Saver Management Window, registrations must have a status of 'Approved'.
The proposed dates for the Saver Management Windows are as follows, and are subject to change:

From                                                  To

14th February, 2020                            9th March, 2020 (Closed)

3rd April, 2020                                    27th April, 2020

26th June, 2020                                  20th July, 2020

Any service undergoing a Change in Circumstances, or required to complete Compliance Amendments will be able to do so during the Saver Management Windows stated above. As a result of the policy around savers under these programmes it is necessary to extend the grant agreements until the end of this programme year pending a new agreement for the 2002/21 programme year. In order to facilitate the extension of the CCSP and TEC programme, an addendum to the existing contract is required. All childcare services were e-mailed a letter on the 3rd March with which serves as the aforementioned addendum and will extend the agreements to the end of the relevant programme years. Service providers who do not wish to extend their 2018-19 CCSP and/or TEC Grant Funding Agreement should inform Pobal at their earliest convenience.

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