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Community Childcare Subvention Programme (CCS)

CCS Subvention

This programme terminated on the 16th August 2019

CCSP Subvention
This scheme closed for new applications on 15th November 2019.  It has been replaced with the National Childcare Scheme from the 20th November 2019.

Any amendments to CCSP registrations  2019/2020 that were made up to midnight on 15th November 2019 must be completed during Saver Management Windows. However, it will be possible to submit cancellations and leavers at any time.
These registrations are called Savers. A saver is a child registration  that has been registered on CCSP/U/RT of approved, provisional or submitted at midnight on  15th November 2020.
Saver Management Windows




December 20th 2019

January 13th 2020

February 14th 2020

March 9th 2020

April 3rd 2020

April 27th 2020

June 26th 2020

July 20th 2020

What if I have a registration that was declined before the 15th November, is this registration eligible for saver status?

No. A registration must have a status approved, provisional or submitted.

What if a saver child is absent and does not attend for a period of time?
Absences should be dealt with as normal and within the DCYA Transitional Rules for DCYA targeted childcare programmes. A child can have a genuine absence for four consecutive weeks and keep its saver status.  After this period the child will no longer be eligible for saver status. However, a service may apply to the FCCC in certain exceptional circumstances to retain registration beyond four weeks to six/twelve weeks. FCCC may seek supporting proof of exceptional circumstances. Acceptable proofs may include a letter or medical certificate  which can be uploaded onto the system by the provider (as provided b and with the agreement of the parent). Where a letter is submitted and FCCC decided that exceptional circumstances do not apply, the registration must be end dated and payment will cease with effect from that end date (which can be no later than the end of the four weeks of continuous absence).

If a service is undergoing a change of address/legal structure/ownership, what should they do?
If your service is undergoing a change of circumstance as listed above, the process will require that you create a Leaver for each registration for the old service, and re-registering the same children and the same parent against the new service in the next available savers management window.  Pobal will review all registrations and if they are eligible savers, will award the same band as was awarded on the original registration.

I am closing my service.  Will my saver registrations be eligible to register in a new service?
Yes.  The saver status follows the child.  Once a child had a valid registration on November 15th they will be able to register in a new service throughout the year, providing they are registered with the same parent. Pobal will award the band that was awarded on the new registration.  No new eligibility checks will be performed during saver management windows.

My service had a compliance visit and I am required to make amendments to registrations. What should I do?
You must complete the compliance amendments during the next saver management window.

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